Donate Today as NGS Prepares for Graduation Day!

Your Support Ensures Our Scholars' Success!

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We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Your Support Ensures Our Scholars' Success!

Safety, Good Health and Caps & Gowns are the Buzz at NGS

With spring in the air, news of college acceptances, financial aid packages, and graduations are rolling in at Next Generation Scholars! Whether a 6th grader ascending from their first year of middle school, an 8th grader transitioning into high school, or a senior deciding which college to attend, this is an exciting time at NGS, and we're grateful to have you by our side!

As we cautiously turn a corner on the pandemic, we are in awe of the resiliency our young scholars have shown this year. Your support enabled us to pivot from in-person to distance learning within two days. We couldn't have done that without you. And your support today will ensure a smooth transition back to in-person learning.

As a result of your generosity, our 184 low-income, first-generation students haven't missed a beat in their academic milestones to date, and they're embracing the spring with the grit and grace required to eventually become first-generation college graduates.

A donation today will guarantee their continued success.

Whether you prefer to provide books, devices, wi-fi access, food and counseling for families, staff training in a new era of learning or a scholarship for a young NGS sibling to attend our new Little Scholars Summer Academy, your resources will be impactful.

First-time donor? WELCOME! We are thrilled and grateful to welcome you to the NGS family, and look forward to sharing our students' successes with you.

Loyal returning donor? Please consider checking the monthly giving option when you donate today.

Don't forget! There has never a better time to give...... New 2021 Charitable Tax Laws, as part of the Federal Stimulus Package, allow: 1) Individuals to deduct up to $300 in cash donations, regardless of whether or not you itemize; 2) Suspension of the 50% limitation of AGI for those that do itemize, and 3) A change in limitation from 10% to 25% of taxable income for corporations.

Thank you for your support.